How to Submit Your Specimen

  1. Complete the tick submission form for both tick identification and tick testing orders.
  2. Record your sample number and your name on a sealed container (peferably a zipper lock bag) and seal the specimen inside. Read the F.A.Q. for more information on how to prepare your tick for shipping as well as the costs of testing and the amount of time it takes.
  3. Record your sample number and your name on an envelope and send to the following address:

UMaine Extension Diagnostic & Research Lab
ATTN: Tick Lab
17 Godfrey Drive
Orono, ME 04473-3692

Samples sent to the laboratory without an accompanying sample submission number from the online form will be significantly delayed in processing. The tick submission form must be completed before mailing a sample to the laboratory.

Make sure to include the correct amount of postage for your package and specimen. Containers other than plastic bags, like medication vials, will require additional postage. To ensure the specimen is delivered as quickly as possible to our laboratory please check with your post office before mailing.

For any questions about how to submit a tick for testing, please contact